Sunday, February 27, 2011

cole shoot student

England footballer Ashley Cole accidentally shooting 21-year-old student with a high powered rifle at Chelsea's training center and causing injury to the victim.

Daily Mail newspaper reported the 30-year-old soccer player was accidentally shot TomCowan, 21, who is only 1.5 meters from it when trying to play with high poweredweapons in the .22 was the club's training center.
The report told the victims were injured and given immediate medical treatment but his injuries two days later still not healed and he was treated again.
Sources told the newspaper. "Can not imagine how the Premier League player to bringa gun training course. But Cole was taking guns out of the box and start playing with it inthe locker room.

"Cole did not know it contained weapons and ammunition it was embarrassing. "

The incident was believed to have occurred last Sunday morning when the players paidU.S. $ 110.00 (RM335, 884) a week it arrived at Chelsea's Cobham training center inSurrey to carry weapons equipped with muzzle and night vision goggles.

.22 air rifle is a powerful weapon and can be held in the United Kingdom without alicense and can kill if misused.

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