Saturday, February 26, 2011

Defining moment Man Utd - Vidic

With getting ready for Arsenal against Birmingham in the League Cup final da Chelsea did not go down to thearena tip this week , the forerunner of Manchester United'sEnglish Premier League mahu increase psychological pressure on pencabarnya .

If the win over Wigan tonight, ranks Alex Ferguson will have excess space to overcome Chelsea's eye 15 ahead of a key meeting at Stamford Bridge next Tuesday.
Likewise, Ferguson's squad itself in only after the situation is less convincing 1-0 win over Crawley Town in the FA Cup competition, followed by a decision when the series 0-0 against Marseille in Champions League-rival European champions on Wednesday.
Ferguson certainly not easy on the positions of mahu take kelabnya at Persada carta when they prepared to oppose Wigan who are grappling to come out of Zon removal.

In fact the captain of United, Nemanja Vidic sure, the club is entering what may be characterized as a second determination of their kempen this season, with pertembungan against Chelsea, on Tuesday, followed by Liverpool and Arsenal in the next week.

Vidic insisted that the club hold on to the old approach namely devote attention to the opposition one by one - begins with Wigan.

"We have other important resistance to diharungi begins with Wigan. We need to reach three eyes and I'm sure we can do it, "said Vidic in the club webpage.

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