Monday, February 28, 2011

Rooney is a personal mission

Rooney is determined to tear the goal Chelsea at Stamford Bridge tomorrow morning.

 Wayne Rooney wants to have a personal mission off during Manchester United against Chelsea in the Premier League action early tomorrow morning.

After the dismal play this season, Rooney wants to make Stamford Bridge a field to return to restore his reputation.

This season, Rooney seemed struggling to regain contact with venomous when he dragged personal issues, injuries and tug on his new contract with United.
Although in recent weeks appeared the touch Rooney, he remains overshadowed by negative news.
Rooney, who contributed a goal when the United membe-everyday clothes Wigan Athletic 4-0 on Saturday, severely criticized enlightened-rus Wigan, James McCarthy claimed that the England striker the red card that should be addressed as a rectangle James McCarthy.

However, according to Rooney, the latest controversy would not affect his performance in the face of two important matches against Chelsea and Liverpool early the next morning on Sunday.

"It was my difficult season and probably my worst season, but what is important, I now feel fit and fresh again.

"I want to start again wipe-start rhythm rang and wanted to give a big impact on the most important teams in the conference against Chelsea," said Rooney.

If United beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge early the next morning, they could widen the gap to seven points over second ranked team, Arsenal.

But the last time the children were Alex Ferguson is win at Stamford Bridge was in April 2002.

"Record at Stamford Bridge we are bad. Throughout his career, I have never enjoyed a victory there.

"But it does not matter who plays in my mind. In fact, it makes us more eager to create a victory in this match.

"It's clearly a very important game. Chelsea would want to win more than us. Hopefully they'll push it more taste," said Rooney.

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