Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Barcelona hurt Arsenal

For the second consecutive year, the Barcelona defeat Arsenal in Champions League action.
After removing the rival Arsenal in the final quarter of last year, owner of Barcelona once again beat the Gunners at the most prestigious tournaments in Europe.
Early yesterday morning, the feeling of Argentina star Lionel Messi has exploded two goals to help Barcelona beat Arsenal 3-1 in second round action.
The Catalan team moves to the quarterfinals with a total of 4 to 3 after losing 1-2 in the first action at the Emirates Stadium on February 17.
In action at Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona Messi put forward on 45 minutes before his team mate Sergio Busquets scored a goal against the 59th minute to tie the position 1-1.
Similarly, the designer of Spain, Xavi put Barcelona back in front of the network results in the 69th minute before Messi completed the victory of the team on the results obtained by two penalty minutes.
"To speak if Messi scored the best goal for me it is useless," said the Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola.
"That's because each scored a goal that Messi is a large network, and now it has become common for the player."
However, the Arsenal striker Robin van furiously against the match referee Persie, Massimo Busacca is lifted him a red card.
The Dutch striker has been accused of trying to delay the game always starts the ball even when Busacca was whistle for offside.
Although Van Persie appeals were ignored by Busacca.
"I do not understand what the referee deemed the situation.
"It was the worst day for us (Arsenal). I do not know why he (Busacca) here today (yesterday). 
We feel like the persecuted, "said Van Persie. 

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