Wednesday, March 2, 2011

beckham bought new car??

From England footballer David Beckham to buy cars in America (USA), ChevroletCamero as a sign that it's like living in the United States, a newspaper madereportedyesterday.

Beckham, 35, who played for the American Football League club, LA Galaxy, is regarded as driving cars worth U.S. $ 55,000 (RM167, 942) when the Galaxy trainingcamp here on the left, the state of California, yesterday.

Football star, is a former member of pop group Spice Girls, Victoriareturned United States after three months in his native Britain married.

He drove a black car was his residence here with a bodyguardfollowed returned to theBoard a separate vehicle.

Chevrolet Camero car in the popular action films were used, Transformers Michael Baydirectedby.

Since he moved to Los Angeles four years ago Beckham collects some of the U.S.vehicles, including passenger Cadillac Escalade and Jeep Wrangler valued at $ 40,000 (RM122, 140
beckham bought this type of car

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