Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carroll Liverpool's secret weapon

New Liverpool star Andy Carroll will be revealed at the meeting against Braga in the third round of the Europa League in the AXA Stadium early tomorrow morning.

Previously, Carroll had played in the late second half when the team Liverpool beat rivals Manchester United 3-1 in Premier League at Anfield on Sunday.

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has not made a decision to reduce or otherwiseCarroll at the meeting against the Portuguese club.

However, people thought that the game will be the first action was to make England'sstarting line derived in the Reds team this season.

Before that, Dalglish has issued a statement that he would not take chances with Carrolldown to the player to fully recover from his injuries.

For the record, Carroll was forced to set aside because he was with Newcastle Uniteddue to a calf injury suffered in November last year.

Carroll bought from Newcastle with a transfer fee of £ 35 million (RM171.863 dollars) inJanuary.

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