Saturday, March 12, 2011

leak at Japanese nuclear plant

Japan Meteorological Services Department has warned that the winds at a plant in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear leaks of radioactive material, which blow from the south and can affect the health of residents in the northern part of the country. Meteorological Services Agency that state, wind direction can change in the near future and would blow from the west towards the sea
"The wind direction is the main factor that will determine the extent of environmental damage caused by leaks that occur after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami 10 meters yesterday," said an official of the agency.
Officers said the weather is sunny all day, while winds blowing from the west before heading south.
"We continue to monitor wind direction to make a new assessment of the impact of the leak from the factory," he said.
Although leakage of radiation that had been expected, a professor at Tokyo University, said Naoto Sekimura large radioactive catastrophe can not occur. "Events such as Chernobyl is impossible in this light water reactor. The loss of cooling means the heat will increase, but also stop the plant.
"In fact, in the worst scenario: a radioactive leak damaged equipment, but not a big explosion. If the distribution is done through careful monitoring, leak a little and not more than three km range," he said.
Kyodo News agency reported the authorities began to move 20,000 residents of the area around the plant Daini.
The Prime Minister, Naoto Kan that investigates air crashes before the helicopter was ordered residents within 10 miles of another plant, Daiichi leave the area.
Chief Cabinet Secretary said Yukio Edano may be a small amount of radiation leakage.
"Maybe the leak of radioactive materials outside the reactor plant, but the amount is small and the wind blowing toward the sea to help," he told a press conference

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