Saturday, March 5, 2011

Torres intention dry end network

Fernando Torres he is must begin to destroy the goals for Chelsea in an attempt to drought with a net against Blackpool on Tuesday morning at the end.
Torres has been shaken by a goal since joining from Liverpool and the virus is not yet on the net in four games for the Premier League champions England made.
The Blues manager, Carlo Ance-lotti said after the 2-1 win against Manchester United on Tuesday he would not insist that the player scored the attacker.
However, Torres is aware that he break up of £ 50,000,000 (RM246.4 million €) a target and bought confident that once managed the first goal for Chelsea, he is back with a Twist network.
"I knew I had to crawl to the target state," said Torres.
"It is the main task of an attacker, so hopefully I can first goal and after that, I guarantee it the channel mejaringkan air."
Torres had previously said it needed time to adjust at Stamford Bridge.
The Spanish striker revealed he was always in search of the real, but had begun to believe adaptable play from Chelsea and improves endurance after injury plagued 2010 season.
"I always try to set still here, but my fitness is well developed," said Torres.
"I think the encounter with Manchester United, the other day I played was good.
"I am waiting for the first network and are very excited about the possibility or another possibility. I wish I could do it on-Loss Muan in Blackpool."

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