Wednesday, June 15, 2011

multiple earthquake indonesia

400 kilometers east of Jakarta, Indonesia terlatak 17.500 2.914 meter high Mount Merapi on the island's 129 active volcanoes, 69 of them have a history of volcanic eruption in Indonesia are the most active volcano.

as the Pacific Ring of Fire in the Mountain and easily affected by the earthquake and explosion. Mount Merapi last eruption in June 2006 blast killed two people. But the danger of the 1,930 people who were killed over 1,300 people.

Out of Mount Merapi, Indonesia Sunda Strait to Sumatra and most likely in the face of the threat of disease outbreaks on the island of Krakatau Sinabung has a host of other volcanoes.

Old man who died of inhalation of toxic dust Monte Sinabung frequently admitted, last September, broke out on August 3 and September 7 had been erupted several times in 29 days.

Beyond Mount Anak Krakatau started to produce smoke it, after 40 years of Mount Krakatoa explosion at sea is known for its unique.

When the eruption, Krakatoa 1883 Lavanya overflow area on the island of Rodrigues, 36,000 Africans, 4,653 miles only heard the explosions caused by the tsunami had killed more

Mount Krakatau explode 2015-2083 estimated 813,000,000 laut.Ahli high surface geology, while the accident, about 230m above sea level, Anak Krakatau, Now after almost 130 years.

Heart pain and misery continue to see our partners in neighboring countries to see what is breaking. Additional support is available for the first country to offer assistance.those who tried to cast the evil nature of this partnership in the spirit of the true nature of human consciousness merungkainkeistimewaan these two countries. 

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