Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Arsenal Robin van Persie praised the team for scoring form of his remarkable

Robin van Persie has praised Arsenal teammates to give him the support has allowed him to score 10 goals in his last match.

Van Persie record in 2011 is staggering, with 31 goals in 29 matches and 13 in the current campaign only 12 games.
But the Dutchman admitted are lucky to play in a team of selfless and say that most of his goals is the work of these great players around him.

"The [Walcott has given me more support than anyone else this year," he told Arsenal's official website.

 "I've definitely noticed it and that's why I really like the fact that he gave me 100 balls for my target - it's meant to be!

"Hopefully I can give him some proper support is good, because as a striker, I believe that support is as important as the goals you score.

"The support is not as lucky - they are the proper support, good movements, good deeds, good ball last. For me that is probably even more important than an item pepper.

"For example, I look back on my first goal for Chelsea and not really feel that it is mine - that's 95 percent down to Gervinho. And my first goal for Norwich is 90% According to an excellent first touch, great speed, good through and explode, exploit it.

"OK, it goes in my name, but it's a small part of the story. I appreciate that, and hopefully I can give him and all the other guys just as much back.

"Do not forget Aaron Ramsey], he was a bit of bad luck for Norwich when he could have passed on a few times when he wanted to show great movement to get into good positions.

"I'm sure it gave him a ball, look at it again, and there are other times too. If he continues to go like that, though, he will score goals."

Van Persie's run included a number of targets with their right foot, including Dink on Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy in the 2-1 win at Carrow Road on Saturday, where he scored both goals for the Fort the.

The Dutch players said their confidence high, he always felt able to score with either foot due to the fact he put both when he was young.

"The goals and I'm in the area where things are going well - just return the ball in front of me and everything was coming, so why not try it," he said.

"Everything with my right leg started when I was six or seven years old and have done some training with it.

"I worked a lot on my left leg when I was even younger - of course I was fortunate to have some talent, but it lives through hard work and training streets.

"A few years later, I was with my right. I know in a very long time that my right foot is good enough, but when you're a left-footed player and missed a chance or to your right, then perhaps people think, it's his bad leg. "

"I personally never felt that I always feel confident, and now it seems to a little more.

"Maybe in the past, I'd choose to go back on my left foot, but the fitness and form, you will have many opportunities to take the odd risk here and there."

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