Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Opportunities City even more difficult

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, consider your route to get to the knockout stages of the Champions League seems worse by losing 2-1 at Napoli on Sunday.

Napoli striker Edinson Cavani scored two goals in 17 minutes and 49 at the same time, presented the deficit of the City of the network in question, Mario Balotelli on 33 minutes.

Now the task is difficult waiting for the city, which must beat Bayern Munich in the final Group A, if the Premier League leaders wanted to play in the knockout stages of the Champions League Villarreal he hoped would Naples curb on 7 December.

"I can say that Napoli has a probability of 70 percent (to reach the knockout stage) and we only have about 30 percent," said Mancini.

"This is because our problem is the other team (Villarreal) that determine our destiny to move to the next level and if they manage to play as always, we still have a chance.

"Our mission is to qualify for the knockout stages depend on them still in the world of football, anything is possible. If a serious game against Villarreal, there is no reason to qualify.

"What we have to focus now is to get a win against Bayern Munich later, if not, we struggle on the European stage is over."

At the same time, Mancini said defensive defense so loose in the Europe-wide competition to play in the Premier League

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