Friday, March 23, 2012

Guardiola or Blanc only !

Abramovich has made no secret admiration Minh Phong crab to play a de Barcelona and despair DJE Jue Cabana de Guardiola FIA Londres hand basin as Lake para DJE win Liga de Campeones.

Bang 40 million after tax and make Sí coach Guardiola Jue del tren highest Good, but a declaration sono France coach Blanc La vien ala Cancer cubicos Djau Abramovich men should not bate de tien Djau choices, crab intelligent.

Two mente CA contract expires on buying El, elephants Guardiola has not confirmed if he Nou Camp O and wholesale Blanc djang training alone among French, Thuc djen when Mercado was Eurocopa 2012.

Da DJI Bahía mente during the reign of Phu dad Russians, and if you have the cup Guardiola Cabana DJE Jue, he spent 150 million Bang Quan Chi mente in the form of wages and compensation.

Gan Nhat djay, club Abramovich investigation André Villas-Boas old, Porto Bang 13m for his services, and then had to spend more than £ 9m in compensation djen 34 years old when he was only eight SA tailandes three months of his five contracts.

Barcelona coach Guardiola said the German DJE keep your options open, and often a sign only trade a year in time with the president Sandro Rosell, while djo, according to The Times, Blanc has a new The State will make suggestions to the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noel Le Graet, which means he is more likely available.

Mostly Cuu Blanc palo Djau Manchester United career at his office Burdeos mente, leading them somewhere djen invisible enemy Champions League season Djau Phu traqueotomia own money and won Ligue 1 next year.

Tanga is how sono Do not contact Chelsea Da Blanc, but he can Sí are three ears in Stamford Bridge, but he djang is touted for the job in El Inter de Milan, where he was also a Music puede.

Cuu Inter and Liverpool manager Rafa Benítez djang be considered for the role, while the others were thrown into Diez for the article he former Chelsea Chelsea is Didier Deschamps, Bahía la mente wind of Marsella, Everton boss David Moyes Luciano Spalletti disaster Zenit de San Petersburgo, and Atlético de Madrid el coach Diego Simeone.

Chelsea-looking statements are ear Simeone star Falcao a prohibicion Djao tien de hip lon same summer, the future of Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres and ears Stamford Bridge ca bi DJE djang boring.

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