Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Real Madrid 4 CSKA Moscow 1

So, Jose Mourinho, Chelsea can go back after all. Real Madrid went into the Champions League quarter-finals with comfortable win over CSKA Moscow and although the Portuguese coach admitted that this was not his most brilliant performance, few people want to deal with them. Potential rivals have taken note of the fact that Xabi Alonso, past perfect, choose a yellow card for a foul on Pontus Wernbloom means he will miss the first leg.

 Real Madrid vs CSKA 14-03-2012 14

Mourinho has not yet been elevated to insist that you do not mind that his team faced another, but had good words for Chelsea, a club that he "loved". A return to Stamford Bridge would be special. Even better, said Mourinho, will be the opportunity to meet in Munich. "People can not understand how much I love Inter and Chelsea, I love the guy and I know if I get them [Chelsea] in the region or the semifinals or final, will be a great competitor," he said. "I'm very happy for the boys because they have an amazing character, he had a difficult time, but now is happy."

For Madrid. There are occasional flashes of Russia, and when the clock strikes strange petulant - was described by Mourinho as "a teensy bit scary." But mostly, he said, Madrid has controlled the game and he was right.

There is an authority on your computer. Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo is a liquid, while Gonzalo Higuain goals from hyperactive, Ronaldo and Karim Benzema and Ronaldo again completed a comfortable. They also claim that the best goal of the evening, Zoran Tosic missiles outside the bar, never mind.

Nor finally equalizer 93 minutes into the first leg of CSKA. That pain, but coldly analytical 1-1, still a good result away from home - one of Madrid set for progress. Few doubt that they, even here the first chance fell to CSKA, with Seydou Doumbia break when a bar with Iker Casillas. It's a great opportunity to have a cool head and the goals of going to the figure - and shot him unfortunately.

The game just seven minutes, but CSKA has made some suggestions that will not wait for Madrid. They usually have two or three men before the ball and tidy, Ahmed Musa search to the right. Provided by Alan Dzagoev, looked with a low cross from Doumbia, radiant in the penalty box for. However, with Pepe in its closure can not be contacted.

There are glimpses of the dangers of half of all CSKA, especially when Casillas was a shot away from Musa, but most are transient and Madrid eventually took control. Ronaldo slotted a ball angled Mesut Ozil, who feel the hands of Sergei Ignashevic and had collapsed - not too easy for the referee's liking. Kaka had a shot on buoys and a large flash.

Madrid has advanced to the edge of the area but rarely continue until the ball clipped Sami Khedira intelligent Aleksei Berezutski Kaka left. The fastest response Higuain's cross to move a few meters. Ronaldo doubled the advantage of 35 yards to start the second half. In fact, you probably should not even have to get shot. But the ball awkwardly turn left in front of CSKA goalkeeper Sergei Chepchugov that horribly miscalculated and only managed palms on your network.

This seems easier now, although CSKA is a great goal to the exclusion of the Vietnamese and Doumbia Casillas struggling to free its just your dad. Higuain Benzema replaced with 20 minutes left and within a minute, he said. Madrid has passed. When Tosic made it 3-1 at the Bernabeu a welcome part. They could afford.

Many have passed the heyday of Pepe national defense and pass found Ronaldo for Benzema rounded to the fourth.

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