Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Van Persie is no been red

Newcastle United goalkeeper Tim Krul did not result in a red card for Arsenal striker.

Van Persie scored Arsenal balance came from behind to beat Newcastle 2-1, and he could have ended long before the injury winning the victory has come the time of Thomas Vermaelen not for a series of smart savings Krul.

Colleagues from the Dutch in trade early in the game, setting the tone for a stormy personal battle that reached its peak with a sustainable exchange of insults end after the third goal of the match when both players were booked, and then poured in the tunnel ..

Speaking at a press conference after the game, Wenger said he was not sure why the couple had argued: "I do not know, is the story of the Netherlands is the story of this day do not know, both are a little worried . I did not talk to Robin.

"I'll find out, but I'm glad it was yellow and red are not fully committed and gave it all again tonight. He gave us a quick draw, but the whole team played very well and [as] Walcott also had a performance of this special night. "

Wenger had more praise for the show Walcott buccaneers. "I think it's too long in the center of attention that people forget he is 22 and received an age to do," he said. "Simple as that a good development because it is intelligent. Tactics, technique, which had a complete game."

Arsenal also pleased with the teamwork shown by his team after setting a record in the Premier League came from behind to win his fourth straight game.

Wenger glad Van Persie avoided red 

"It was the best answer to something that has sometimes been questioned this season," he said. "I think it shows we have quality, we have the spirit, I've never questioned a continuing effort again tonight from start to finish. Full program above all tonight. We keep going until the last minute and managed to win the game.

"Sure, we've actually done before helped us. Even when we were 1-0 down we went ahead and we feel at the time on the computer just the full and total commitment to do my best and give everything.

"That makes the people behind the team and is a game very interesting tonight to a very good Newcastle team.

"A great atmosphere in the team, and tonight is mostly in the locker room because pleasure is even more intense when you win at the last minute of the game that you have everything for everyone, and frustration is intense if you've lost the last minutes of a game. "

Arsenal have increased in the third round opponents Tottenham win four tournaments in a row of them, but Wenger believes may be due to the commitment of the group.

He continued: "The last time he played against Tottenham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sunderland, which are very hard to beat and win every game.

"We know that every time it is very difficult and we will win in the final minute of the three of them definitely have the full commitment in every game .. We have completed how can we go ahead and if we put the same amount of effort in each party.

"We do not compare with any other team, I just think we need to rebuild trust and that will be very important in the race to the end. Can change very quickly because as soon as you lose a bit of an urgent problem in this league. So let's focus on keeping it and then see where we finish.

"It's important to keep our feet on the floor, keeping the focus of our full and everything to the end. We have done recently, because we produce produce a great game tonight, there are a great match against Milan and we produce a great game against Tottenham That is the real goal of ours. "

Wenger has also provided an update on the long-term absence of Abou Diaby, Andre Santos and Jack Wilshere.

He said: "Diaby is not [go], I think Santos will play Wednesday night in the reserves against West Brom, 90 minutes Diaby will return to Everton, which has little chance of Jack Wilshere] About. Occur less ".

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