Monday, July 16, 2012

Arsenal Legend didn't blame Van Persie for the move

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has record stated that he did not blame Robin van Persie wants to leave the club to find success.

The Dutch striker had already announced in July it would not renew his contract at the Emirates, which has one year remaining, and has been associated with a move to Manchester City.
Club legend Wright, a record 185 goals for the Gunners will almost eight years, when Thierry Henry surpassed in 2005, admits he can not understand the dynamics leave age of 28.

"In many ways, I can not blame him want to join a club that won the title," Wright told The Sun.

"Van Persie, at least not the kind of professional players who are not causing problems in the group.

"In recent years, Arsenal have lost at least one of the best players every summer and they had to fight to win something as a result of last season, Manchester United and Chelsea are the team the success of the best players want to join now, it is the city "

Arsenal finally won a title in 2005, beating Manchester United in the FA Cup final on penalties, but has since endured the sale of Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, and the end of last summer, leaving Cesc Fabregas both Samir Nasri and from Barcelona to Manchester City.

Move comes after speculation last long and was said to have contributed to the bad season from the club, but the Gunners to recover and finish in third place in the Premier League to qualify for the Champions League.

Van Persie is important for their attack, scoring 37 goals, and Wright noted that the progress of the club will be threatened if the pattern is repeated.

He continued: "Arsenal need to tackle this problem of losing their best player, I admire their business plan not to spend what they did not, but the club is left behind.

"Even if Van Persie is not that they have a problem such as Theo Walcott found himself in a similar position with the left one year contracts.

"For Wenger, the last of the transfer window can not come soon enough."


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