Sunday, July 29, 2012

Di Matteo happy with Eden dangerous threat

Roberto Di Matteo Chelsea new signing on, Eden Hazard for praise after the Blues lost 1-0 to AC Milan in Miami on Sunday morning.

Urby Emanuelson scored the only goal of the game giant hand in Italy a narrow victory, but coach was pleased with the improvement in group activities.

Di Matteo admitted that the lack of sharpness in the last third of the ground cost Chelsea, but striker Fernando Torres backed to make a difference in this regard.

"I think the danger is interesting on the left and he looked a big threat, but the organization is very good today," he said on the club's official website.

"It is always better to win, it gives you a good feeling, so we are disappointed by the result but I think there was a great improvement of the game on Wednesday.

"We are entering into a good position 20-25; last, but we lack a little higher in these areas, and Fernando Torres played 30 minutes today its first, we built more new players - but we had a lot of possession and good combination.

"The last pass was a bit lost today and in front of goal we should have a bit more clinical at times.

"This is a strategy game for long periods of time with little time in the first half when he opens a little and maybe towards the end when they scored we had a bit long, I tried because they balance, but Milan is a good team with many international organizations, it is a good test for us. "

Di Matteo believes that the opportunity to experiment with his starting line was the main benefit of the club's tour of the United States.

Many of the Chelsea players back last squad after Euro 2012, and others, such as Juan Mata and Daniel Sturridge, still competing in the Olympics.

"The team will not be together and it was just last season, so you have the opportunity to try different solutions and options to see how it works," he said.

"It took me a good opportunity to take a look at some of our players and see what role they can play immediately or in the near future.

"That's what the preseason game, you give some young players a chance and see how they developed and what the future they could for us.

"Now we have two weeks and we are in a good position because we have no injuries that we have the players who played 90 minutes, and every new player on the team played with, they will learn from each others a little more. "

42 also take the time to thank the host Blues for American quality of facilities they have used in their stay.

"All four cities have been very welcoming and training institutions have very high standards, and tonight, it's not perfect," he said.

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