Thursday, July 19, 2012

Theo Walcott will discuss his contract with Arsenal

Theo Walcott will discuss new contract with Arsenal when he was leaving the club's Asian tour starting Saturday.

England international returned to the pre-season training in the next 24 hours after their summer break, and then expect to crush his future with the club.

Walcott will be on flights to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, but for the first stage of the club tour of Asia, although it is not, but make sure it will take on board other rebel groups High contract Arsenal, Robin van Persie.

It is understood that discussions will take place soon with senior officials, including Arsene Wenger, the impasse on contract Walcott.

The North London has established a set of four years to 23 years in an effort to force him outside in the summer of 2013 when his current contract expires.

However, contract negotiations have not progressed since the last official meeting and Walcott are looking for a private security individual Wenger about where he plans to adapt manager. understands that there is no proposal at this stage that Walcott, who currently earn £ 60,000 a week, wants to leave Arsenal this summer.

Although England international refused to publicly discuss his future beyond this season or accept a few opportunities to express their wishes at Arsenal, says he is happy at the Emirates and installed in the south- is.

Winger has become a first team regular last season unchallenged, from 32 the first time the 29 Premier League games and Arsenal conceded that injury in the final weeks of the season when he tore his thigh. It is a leading club scorer second behind Van Persie, the weight with 11 goals in all competitions.

It is understood that Arsenal are not willing to increase the package to Exceed Walcott £ 80,000 a week.

The player, who joined Arsenal in 2006 at age 16, believes he can be a salary similar to similar international UK around £ 100,000 a week.

Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool is one of the English clubs monitoring contract negotiations Walcott, while the queue of fans of Juventus from Italy and Spain, although they are not encouraged to do something serious.

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