Friday, December 9, 2011

Didier Drogba warns Chelsea's senior players they will have to adapt by Andre Villas-Boas

The striker scored twice against Valencia in midweek to secure the place, west London in the last 16 Champions League and hope for a positive active form.

He told the London Evening Standard: "Mr. Villas-Boas are trying to build something strong, like the other managers have done before, he bought some new players and we should like application.
"I would say the older players who have been here for some time, we must adapt to each other, learn how to play together and win together.

"There are still a few things we need to improve.

"To win the Champions League, you must be a really strong team and be lucky as well but we have to create and make our own luck.

"If we keep going the way we did against Valencia, then why not it is good to be part of this new campaign.

"The match with Valencia only my second in the competition this year so it is a part of it, I like the competition."

Drogba had to fight Fernando Torres for a role before the season start and run the last goal of the Ivory Coast could see his numbers fell against league leaders Manchester City on Monday night.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Manchester City's Roberto Mancini sorry players and supporters after the Champions League exit

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has apologized for the players and supporters of the club after his team crashed out of the Champions League.

City beat Bayern Munich 2-0 at Eastlands on Wednesday night, but it was not enough as a victory against Villarreal Napoli has seen them through the expense of men Mancini.

He told Sky Sports: "We need to improve as a team of our group is difficult to Naples to get through ...

"We're a good team is always a great team. I am very sorry for our supporters and I am sorry for his players because the players like that should be played in Champions League .

"I would think that with 10 points [the amount of money the city is going through the team - always - 99% [time] This is a very strange group, the group difficult.

"We've made some mistakes but it can occur after Naples. [Place City lost to Napoli is difficult."

City must address to compete in the Europa League but the Italian coach believes his team has a chance of winning that trophy.

He continued: "We're going Europa League, it's a trophy, a title is important We are disappointed, but we want to do better next year.

"I think perhaps now we think the Europa League is not important but if we come in the final, we would think it very important.

"I think we're on top of the Premier League, but this season will be very difficult and we want to improve from last year, we want to improve in the Champions League."

The rivals Manchester United have been dumping the competition after their 2-1 defeat Basel, and Mancini admits he's not sure why England have struggled this season.

"It's strange to go out and States. It's strange," he added.

47-year-also further clarify the situation regarding wantaway striker Carlos Tevez.

He insisted the club did not want to sanction a loan move, like a permanent move, despite reported interest from AC Milan.

"I do not know that the situation at this time but we want to sell Tevez, certainly," he said.

"It's hard for us borrow him for this reason nothing is certainly the only sure thing is that we will not let Tevez go borrow."

Sir Alex Ferguson đổ lỗi cho vẽ 'ngu ngốc' ở nhà để Basel thoát khỏi cú sốc Champions League của Manchester United

Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson was left disappointed and shocked to see his side dumped out of the Champions League in a 2-1 defeat to Basel.


Swiss side's victory means that the Reds finished third in group C and drop into the Europa League, the first time they did not make it out of the Champions League group stage in six seasons.

Defeat The States can see, the finals in two of three years, leaving competitors, and the manager insisted on at the time of Basel as they can look back and regret in the group.

States have been declining in the game, led 2-0 but allowed the Swiss to come back and make a sensational 3-3 draw themselves at Old Trafford.

"I think the results in Basel is one where it went wrong," Sir Alex told reporters after the match.

"It's one of those places where we hold our hands and say stupid. We threw it away that night - that's reckless. It could have been 2-0 and 5-0, so we've only got yourself to blame in that aspect.

"Of course it is disappointing to go out, our record in recent years has been excellent and it is a loss for us to go out because this is the best league in the world - that is a great tournament. "

Sir Alex highlighted a disappointing start, including a ninth-minute opener of Marco Streller, as an important factor in the defeat of his team on the night.

"It's not a good start to the game, I was surprised," he said during a press conference after his match.

"I hope we try and get control of the game immediately through ownership but they have scored with what was actually their first attack, a cross into the box back and then they were 1-0 up. "

Many people, including owners States, is expected to Premier League champions to step up their performance and earn points that they themselves needed to qualify but they failed to take the chance of them.

Then, an Alexander Frei goal condemned them to defeat despite the last consolation of Phil Jones and the Scot admitted his side go a goal behind is something he is not satisfied with.

"When you are 1-0 down away from home, it gives you a serious work to do," said Sir Alex.

"The opportunity we had we were not involved and is really the story of the game."

As a result is excluded, the drop in the Europa League States and the Red Devils boss admits it is something he will need to prepare his squad by fixed schedule it causes.

"Europa League is a competition I have never been with United," he said.

"It means something that we play Thursday and Sunday through the season, so it must be treated.

"Not the best news but that's our punishment is not eligible for tonight."

Friday, November 25, 2011

Arsene Wenger reveals Jack Wilshere could return to action for Arsenal in late January

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Jack Wilshere could return to action for Arsenal in late January.
The young players have not played a minute of competitive football in the period after selecting an ankle injury last season which has seen the complications of the extended absence of Wilshere.

But Wenger has given hope to those who support Arsenal, told the Daily Mirror: "good news, but he will not be available before the end of January."

It is believed that Wilshere will return to work with Arsenal's reserves in January with a view first appeared in February the team as the Gunners return to Champions League action.

Arsenal, despite the tragic loss of the first form, as well and English clubs have secured their place in the knockout round Champions League after 2-1 win over Borussia Dortmund in mid-week.

Alex Song starred in that game, including mazy run and cross set up perfectly for Robin van Persie's first and Cameroon is the desire to return to Wilshere.

He told The Guardian: "Jack is a very good player and we need everyone when we can fit all of us is strong and confident.

"We need all the players because we have so many games. We do not just think about if Jack is coming, everyone has their job to make the team.

That is why it is important that Jack will be back soon. "

Abou Diaby returned to Arsenal after missing the entire season so far and return to his team would be a relief for Song, who has suffered physical burden in midfield fought campaign this.

"When people come back, we will see an Arsenal player." Rivers continued. "When we started, we lost two great players and it's not easy to get players like Cesc [Fabregas] and [Samir Nasri missing.

"They are big players for us, very important, however, in football, it happens all the time you need to forget about it and confidence to the players we have."
"Today we are happy about it, we are missing some players like Jack and Abou back, [Tomas] Rosicky injured when everyone returned, we will be very good and strong more. "

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hulk Hogan Divorce Details Go Public

Details surrounding the divorce between Terry Hogan, better known as Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife Linda Hogan surfaced in an article in the St. Petersburg Times. The two divorced in 2009, but the specifics of their financial settlement has not been known until now.

Linda and Hulk Hogan in February 2006

So much 50/50. Linda Hogan has received more than 70% liquid assets of the couple. However, the pain does not stop there for the Hulkster. His old also received a 40% ownership stake in the company of the Hulk. In addition, she received the resolve property worth 3 million (see below it).

St. Petersburg Times wrote that "confidential financial settlement came to light this week after it was associated with a new motion was filed by attorney Terry Hogan."

So the gritty details are what? According to the documents, Linda Hogan has a $ 7.44 million from the investment account of the couple. The remaining $ 2.97 million going to the Hulk.

The properties or sell, still on the market. The couple's use of "Hogan Knows Best" was originally listed for nearly $ 14 million. There are now approximately $ 8,870,000. When selling, Hogan will owe his ex-wife $ 1,450,000. Both will share the remaining proceeds.

In addition, Linda Hogan getting a few cars in the division, including a Mercedes-Benz, a Corvette, Cadillac Escalade and a Rolls-Royce. Hulk get the remaining cars.

It may sound like Hulk has body slammed, but it's not all bad news for the iconic wrestler. Deadspin explains that the Hulkster will get to keep any money he earned from personal appearance and will not have to pay alimony.

According to the well-known standards, Hulk and Linda had what might be considered a successful marriage. They were together for about 26 years and have two children, Nick and Brooke. Their actual program, "Hogan Knows Best", ran for four seasons.

Inter Milan to second round

Inter confirm slot in the second round of the Champions League Group B champion

Previously, only 1.1 Inter draw Trabzonspor Stadium H. Avni Aker early yesterday morning.

Although only a draw, but the decision was considered sufficient for the Italian giants have been crowned champions in Group B with 10 points, despite the back beat.

However, Inter have to thank the Lille were able to record 2-0 victory over CSKA Moscow in order to help guide them directly at the group B charts

The situation once again saw the second round is now a battle between three teams in Group B Trabzonspor, Lille and CSKA slot.

Trabzonspor is currently in second place in Group B charts, collected six points, one point to the left of Lille and CSKA Moscow in the third and sixth respectively.

Action against Trabzonspor in the first Inter ahead after Ricardo Puig Alvarez opened the score on 18 minutes before curtain and Halil Altintop equalize five minutes later.

For Altintop, it seems that enough for them because this is their first Champions League campaign this season.

In fact, he was happy with each other exhibited activity in the latter campaign team.

"Although this is our first case (Trabzonspor) in the Champions League, but we played very well.

"I hope that we will again have the right to play in the Champions League next season to get as much experience as possible," said Altintop

Opportunities City even more difficult

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, consider your route to get to the knockout stages of the Champions League seems worse by losing 2-1 at Napoli on Sunday.

Napoli striker Edinson Cavani scored two goals in 17 minutes and 49 at the same time, presented the deficit of the City of the network in question, Mario Balotelli on 33 minutes.

Now the task is difficult waiting for the city, which must beat Bayern Munich in the final Group A, if the Premier League leaders wanted to play in the knockout stages of the Champions League Villarreal he hoped would Naples curb on 7 December.

"I can say that Napoli has a probability of 70 percent (to reach the knockout stage) and we only have about 30 percent," said Mancini.

"This is because our problem is the other team (Villarreal) that determine our destiny to move to the next level and if they manage to play as always, we still have a chance.

"Our mission is to qualify for the knockout stages depend on them still in the world of football, anything is possible. If a serious game against Villarreal, there is no reason to qualify.

"What we have to focus now is to get a win against Bayern Munich later, if not, we struggle on the European stage is over."

At the same time, Mancini said defensive defense so loose in the Europe-wide competition to play in the Premier League

Arsenal Robin van Persie praised the team for scoring form of his remarkable

Robin van Persie has praised Arsenal teammates to give him the support has allowed him to score 10 goals in his last match.

Van Persie record in 2011 is staggering, with 31 goals in 29 matches and 13 in the current campaign only 12 games.
But the Dutchman admitted are lucky to play in a team of selfless and say that most of his goals is the work of these great players around him.

"The [Walcott has given me more support than anyone else this year," he told Arsenal's official website.

 "I've definitely noticed it and that's why I really like the fact that he gave me 100 balls for my target - it's meant to be!

"Hopefully I can give him some proper support is good, because as a striker, I believe that support is as important as the goals you score.

"The support is not as lucky - they are the proper support, good movements, good deeds, good ball last. For me that is probably even more important than an item pepper.

"For example, I look back on my first goal for Chelsea and not really feel that it is mine - that's 95 percent down to Gervinho. And my first goal for Norwich is 90% According to an excellent first touch, great speed, good through and explode, exploit it.

"OK, it goes in my name, but it's a small part of the story. I appreciate that, and hopefully I can give him and all the other guys just as much back.

"Do not forget Aaron Ramsey], he was a bit of bad luck for Norwich when he could have passed on a few times when he wanted to show great movement to get into good positions.

"I'm sure it gave him a ball, look at it again, and there are other times too. If he continues to go like that, though, he will score goals."

Van Persie's run included a number of targets with their right foot, including Dink on Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy in the 2-1 win at Carrow Road on Saturday, where he scored both goals for the Fort the.

The Dutch players said their confidence high, he always felt able to score with either foot due to the fact he put both when he was young.

"The goals and I'm in the area where things are going well - just return the ball in front of me and everything was coming, so why not try it," he said.

"Everything with my right leg started when I was six or seven years old and have done some training with it.

"I worked a lot on my left leg when I was even younger - of course I was fortunate to have some talent, but it lives through hard work and training streets.

"A few years later, I was with my right. I know in a very long time that my right foot is good enough, but when you're a left-footed player and missed a chance or to your right, then perhaps people think, it's his bad leg. "

"I personally never felt that I always feel confident, and now it seems to a little more.

"Maybe in the past, I'd choose to go back on my left foot, but the fitness and form, you will have many opportunities to take the odd risk here and there."

Valencia 7-0 Genk: Soldado nets first half hat-trick as Los Che romp club record win Champions League

Roberto Soldado scored a hat-trick as Valencia crush Champions Genk Belgium 7-0 at Estadio de Mestalla pitch as Champions League Group E is precarious ready for final round of matches.

Roberto Soldado, Valencia, Genk

Jonas offer excellent los Che put before the ten minutes and Soldado nearly doubled after the first.

Valencia's captain completed his treble before the break put the result beyond any doubt with two goals and implementation.

Further strikes from Pablo Hernandez, Artiz Aduriz and Tino Costa in the second half for the home team their biggest profit win in UEFA competition.

In a bright opening, Genk was denied a penalty in minutes Thursday when Thomas Buffel the following bunch more clumsy challenge by Victor Ruiz.

Unai Emery's side in the fashion answers stressed visual Jonas running almost see the evil of Brazil Costa flick through a Koteles Laszio helpless to Valencia before.

Los Che have doubled their lead shortly after Jonas switch providers. The midfielder sliding the ball into the path of Soldado cut inside his mark before the terms cooly.

After the strike of the Soldado Genk has gifted two consecutive quick chance to halve the deficit and Genk are ruing their missed chances after.

Jonas through ball found Soldado blew an attack could not prevent the high corner of the network and Valencia captain completed his hat-trick before half time.

Pablo Hernandez had peeled away to far post and his low pass that markup to exploit Soldado completed the fastest hat-trick in the Champions League after Alan Shearer's treble in 2003.

Valencia back in the second half with attacking midfielder Daniel Parejo substitute defender Ruiz, contrary to the decision to replace Mario Been Jelle Vossen, scorer of Genk.

And Los Che have extended their lead through Soldado early in the second half but the Spanish striker, uncharacteristically, missed the target from a promising position.

After a period of Pressure Pablo Hernandez scored Valencia's goal Thursday night's attack with a perfectly placed from the edge of the area and it was six minutes later.

Aduriz outmuscled his opponents before slipping the ball through Koteles minutes after he had replaced his hat-trick hero Soldado.

Valencia have the opportunity to extend their advantage but is inspired Koteles Genk goalkeeper kept them flying until the target Costa crushed Saturday evening on the rebound.

Los Che are level on points with Chelsea in Group E after winning tonight qualifcation precauriously ready to leave before their visit to Stamford Bridge in the final game.

Meanwhile, Genk will finish bottom of the group after the defeat of their most severe in Europe and no longer can qualify for the Europa League as a result.

AC Milan 2-3 Barcelona: Xavi nets winner Monday is half thriller next European champion and top spot in Group H and secure

Barcelona tongue an oscillation at San Siro to beat AC Milan 3-2 in Champions League and guaranteed top spot in Group H, with the winner taking Xavi.

 Barcelona celebrates - Milan-Barcelona - Champions League (Getty Images)

Led the Catalan club in 14 minutes when Mark van Bommel has put the ball past his goalkeeper before Zlatan Ibrahimovic equalized seven minutes later. Lionel Messi's penalty for the visitors the lead break yet another great goal from Kevin-Prince Boateng 54th minute leveled the score again. However, Xavi appeared score proved to be the winning goal in minute 63.

Barcelona sits at the top of the group on 13 points in the following year when Milan won the Champions last season, both teams have one game each to play.

After an opening time of peace, Barcelona took the lead on 14 minutes with the first real attack of the game. Lionel Messi's clever ball of Seydou Keita in space inside the box before Mali played a low cross was bundled into his own net by Mark van Bommel, via a touch from Xavi.

Milan should have equalized in the 19th minute but Robinho was guilty of a shocking miss. Ibrahimovic cross into the box was then drilled in the direction of the Brazilian striker is not marked by Kevin-Prince Boateng smashed it over the crossbar from close range.

However, the hosts were level two minutes later, taking advantage of some slack Barcelona protection. Pass by Clarence Seedorf smart room overlooked by tourists such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic allowed to slot the ball home from 10 meters out.

Pep Guardiola's men had a glorious chance to take the lead on 23 minutes but it still turns Lionel Messi missed a clear chance. Fabregas has done well to work some space on the right side of penalty area before sliding the ball struck Argentina's top bar from three yards out.

Barcelona were awarded a penalty on the half hour mark when Alberto Aquilani have sinned pulled down Messi in the box. Forward onto the ball into the far corner, beyond the hand of Christian Abbiati - second Messi found the back of the network in a minute after the referee ordered a re-take.

The away team started the brighter in the second stage but self-Milan on 54 minutes through a moment of brilliance from Boateng. Ghana international has captured a loose ball on the edge of the box before sending the wrong way Eric Abidal with a contact smart using his heel. Facing one-on-one with Victor Valdes, midfielder has slammed the ball low past the goalkeeper from 12 yards out.

This is the third time in the game, Guardiola was back in the fron on 63 minutes with a goal is done beautifully. Fabregas and Messi before the Argentina link throughball accurate Xavi slid calmly placed the ball into the bottom corner in what proved to be the winning goal of the game.

Both sides ended the group's campaign period corresponding to the 6 December where BATE Borisov in Barcelona entertainment when Milan went to Viktoria Plzen.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AC Milan, Barcelona champion of desire

Two European giants AC Milan and Barcelona will meet at the San Siro today with the aim to emerge as leaders in the Group H Champions League action.

Group winners, Barcelona overcoming adversity kelebi-han from Italy by two points, only to draw in classical meetings.

Milan will go to Rebublik Viktoria Plzen in the Czech Republic against the final game and they need to beat Barcelona if the group wishes to become leaders at home.

The two teams have met this giant in the first game and saw a 2-2 draw, although the game is actually dominated by Milan.

Former Barcelona striker currently plays for Milan, Zlatan Ibrahi-movic realizes his team is not an option in the game.

Players from Sweden, said it (the game against Barce-Lona) must be very exciting and wonderful.

"No doubt we will face the best teams in the world.

"When I left the team, I know I berhij-rah of the best teams in the world.

"For me and all the parties, think is the best solution for my football career," he said.

Although Ibrahimovic scored 22 goals in 42 appearances for Barcelona, ​​but Pep Guardiola's team coach is more interested in using the services of striker David Villa of Spain intends its strategy of game.

However, Ibrahimovic said he does not need to prove himself to his old club after a meeting at the Nou Camp.

Instead, he was much desire to create a win-win Milan.

"For me, it is important that you are happy when you play if you're happy now, it makes it easier for you .." - AFP

Real Madrid will not drop any points before El Clasico

fBlancos League have won their last eight games and sit three points clear of the Catalan clothing on the table.Cesc Fabregas, Barcelona

Two enemies clash in the capital of Spain on December 10 and Fabregas feels that the league leaders will continue their style so well that later.

"They will not lose points," 24 years old told Marca.

Fabregas added that he had thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Nou Camp and Xavi named a largeinfluence on the game.

"I'm in my element and I have a great time with friends who saw everything," he said.

"He Xavi experience, tell me how to move and support me."

Fabregas has scored five goals in La Liga this season.

Roberto Mancini believes Manchester City can still qualify for the Champions League last 16

Defeat means that the city is based on Villarreal, who have not received one point in their group games so far, to prevent the Italians in their tracks while Mancini tries to overthrow the Leaders Bayern Munich in the final round of group matches in December.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the match, Mancini has been gained. "I think we should believe that because it's not clear that Villarreal will not receive points against Napoli]," he said.

Roberto Mancini

"They can win or a draw but I do not think they'll end up with zero.

"We want this because it is our mentality, but now, just because we lost this game, I do not think it is complete. In the Champions League this can happen, but this is football stone and we have a game. Never say never. "

With the game slip away in the second half, some questioned why Mancini waited until 81 minutes to bring Sergio Aguero from the bench, but the management and protection of their decisions are not at risk all out on attack.

"We do not want to leave any space. If we assume a target Tuesday, it has been completed. In the last 20 minutes, we had four or five chances but their keeper is excellent. "

The Italian coach further expressed his satisfaction with the amount of chances his side created, but not impressed with two goals they allow.

"I think we did not deserve to lose this game, but, at the same time, we should think we can score in every game, at least three or four. But in the Champions League, if you acknowledge two goals, two stupid goals ... [you at risk of losing].

"After we equalized, we've got two chances to score to make it 2-1, and it is strange that we acknowledge that the goal after 10 minutes of the second half].

Mancini admits he was not sure exactly what to say to the players before their showdown in vain their ability to Bayern on December 7.

"I do not know," he admitted when asked how he would restore the confidence of his players.

"I think for us, which is the first time we played in the Champions League, but I do not think Villarreal will lose a game. I do not see why they can not draw or win."

Failure to see the city on six points in Group A, two points from Napoli, but Villarreal failed to record any point at all to ensure so far Mancini's men will drop into the Europa League if they do not overthrow their deficits.

Real Madrid were more hungry than Barcelona

Former Real Madrid striker Davor Suker believes his old club will soon be the biggest win title, claims Jose Mourinho's men are hungry more than Barcelona.

"Madrid is very strong right now," he told Marca in an interview. "They went on a big operation and the result is not by accident, it was the first time in La Liga and Champions League team, play football very well and many of the goals of Real Madrid were more hungry than in Barcelona. "

Fabulous Croatia, part of the Madrid won the club's Champions League on Saturday in 1998, reached 49 goals in 106 appearances for the Spanish team in 1996 and 1999.During that time, he also was a league title, a Spanish Supercopa and one Intercontinental Cup crown.

Recent seasons have brought joy at the club which is Barca under Pep Guardiola has dominated, but Suker was impressed with Los Blancos this term. And Suker is to ensure that Mourinho is the man to bring back the glory days back to Santiago Bernabeu.

"Mourinho is a winner," he said. "He went to Spain to win La Liga and he will achieve it."He was the perfect coach for this team and [Madrid president Florentino Perez has not made a mistake, he took up the best. Mourinho's work still in progress, but I found them to win either the Champions League tournament, and I think they will win La Liga because they are [consistent than Barca. "

Croatia declared Madrid can beat Barcelona by combining unparalleled ownership 'Catalans when the two teams met in the Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu on December 10.

"It's simple," he said. "You must put the ball out and scored the team they have owned the team the best chance of winning. Madrid can do that."

Madrid faces a former club of Suker, Dinamo Zagreb, in the Champions League on Tuesday night, with kickoff at the Bernabeu at 2:45 pm ET

Napoli 2-1 Manchester City : Edinson Cavani hits double visitors to leave Champions League hopes hanging by a thread

Napoli hope to processing stages of the Champions League knock-out a serious blow by recording a 2-1 victory over San Paolo Group in a fun end-to-end, a match of Manchester City.

Edinson Cavani is the hero of the half with goals either. He recorded the opener after 20 minutes from a corner, his header flicked poorly protected by Aleksandar Kolarov of post, before Mario Balotelli again impressed with a hose after a half hour.

The winner immediately after the break when the Uruguay put an end luxury sidefooted low pass Andrea Dossena, to seal a result see the city Napoli leapfrog in the rankings to a point before the Premier League leaders will be the final game.

Citizens will need to topple Bayern Munich in the final group game and hope that their under side Villarreal can upset the odds by scoring the first stage of the tournament.

City started the match in the form of command and to close when Mario Balotelli bent a shot from the edge of the area, but its concentration to slip a bit after 10 minutes when Marek Hamsik allowed space to meet application of a cross from the right - the visitors were lucky Slovak head straight to Joe Hart.

The hosts, buoyed by its first opportunity, then almost carved out a beautiful goal. A fierce counter attack quickly, Ezequiel Lavezzi appeal from the left, played a 1-2 victory with Cavani, before shooting just wide.

Spanish giants to crush Croatia may not detect the leading rubber stamp in Table D

A brace from Karim Benzema and Jose Callejon, plus a further goal from Gonzalo Higuain and Mesut Ozil helped Real Madrid 6-2 win over emphasized Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League Group D at the Estadio Bernebeu, clinching top spot in this process.

The home team the best possible start and scored in the first minute of the match. Ozil found space on the byline and cut a pass into the box for Benzema to be a cool touch and slot the ball into the bottom right corner to score a historic victory for Real in the Champions League.

Jose Mourinho's side doubled the lead five minutes. Crossfield great pass from Ozil had found the head of Jose Callejon, who flicked the ball to jump to Benzema. The Frenchman then quickly turned around and returned to pass his teammate stress drives the ball into the left corner.

Things from bad to worse for Zagreb just three minutes later. Lassana Diarra has played a ball into space for Higuain down the right side of the box. The Argentine then drove forward before cleverly turned inside and fun flicking the ball over the oncoming goalkeeper Ivan Kelava with his weaker foot.

German international Ozil then made it 4-0 for the hosts in 20 minutes. Higuain showed impressive power against challenges from the right wing before lashing a shot on goal with his left foot. Kelava managed to make savings but Ozil take and pass the ball rebound into the open goal.

Real Madrid started the second half exactly the same way it started first and damaged the spirit of Zagreb with an early goal, and it may not have been in simpler fashion. Raphael Varane ball cut through the protection of Zagreb from his own half and Callejon ball before driving forward and passing the ball into the right corner.

The local people made it 6-0 in the 66th minute courtesy of a superb location of the link to play outside of the box Zagreb. Benzema close to the pins of Argentina Higuain and flicked the ball back into the path of his teammates went through the target and track the ball nicely into the corner.

However, Zagreb gathered in the last ten minutes and can take two consolation goals. Fatos Beqiraj appear 81 minutes with a great score with a near post header after latching on a well-placed cross by Luis Ibanez. The Croatia also scored in the dying minutes of the game after Milan Badelj took advantage of some miscommunication in the ranks of Madrid slipped a cross to send back to Ivan Tomacek smuggling across the street.

Real Madrid retain top spot in Group D after notching up 15 points from five matches and will progress as group winners. Dinamo Zagreb found themselves bottom of the team with five losses in five games.