Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rooney action law controversy

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney was accused of deliberately nudge Wigan midfielder, James McCarthy when his team recorded a 4-0 victory at the Stadium yesterday DW.
Wigan manager, Roberto Martinez said, should be addressed Rooney red card following the incident which occurred in the first half when the position is still bound without a network.
"I think Rooney is fortunate. He should have received a red card. I clearly saw the incident and the referee gave a free kick.
"But when given a free kick, Rooney should be given a red card. When watching the replays, it is clear Rooney nudge McCarthy in the face.
"It has changed the game. Unfortunately for us because the referee saw the incident but refused to deliver a red card, "said Martinez.
But United manager Alex Ferguson considers the match referee, Mark Clattenburg made the right action by not punishing Rooney.
"I even saw the incident clearly. Apparently there is nothing too serious. Clattenburg saw what happened. It was just one incident.
"But the question would arise because the media might be memperbesarbesarkan it to Rooney imposed suspension for action to meet Chelsea," Ferguson said.
United is currently at the top with four points clear Arsenal will meet Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the early morning on Wednesday and if victorious, they would be superior seven points clear Arsenal.

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