Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mission survival Liverpool

Liverpool face the daunting task ahead of a meeting against the club in Portugal, Braga in the second action cycle Europa League third morning Anfield tomorrow morning.
This is because the operations team Kenny Dalglish had no choice but hailed as a victory by a large number of networks to ensure progression to the quarterfinals.
Last week, the team was shocked when the Reds lost 0-1 to Braga in the first labor action at AXA Stadium.
If the Premier League, Liverpool hopes a touch of Luiz Suarez led their attack machine, but the services of striker from Uruguay was forced to set aside at a meeting later against Braga.
Under the settlement, Suarez can not play because he was just bought by Liverpool in last January as the Europa League has already begun.
Dalglish and put in a dilemma as he must find a new formula in efforts to penetrate the immune Braga.
"We prefer that Suarez is playing in the Europa League.
"But at the same time, we also want to keep for long periods of time than just play for three months.
"We're happy as long as Suarez has played with us and we just have to wait alone," said Dalglish.
Not involved Suarez, Dalglish is expected to Dutch striker Dirk Kuyt for harvesting machines by e-mail to demolish the attack of Liverpool goalkeeper Braga

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

City, United argues strength

Manchester City booked a classic confrontation with Manchester United at the action of the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley Stadium next month.
book of the city of their schedule quarterfinal league championship after beating Reading 1-0 at the quarter final action at Eastlands yesterday.
City to pass the semi-finals for the first time in 30 years, the header beat the defender Micah Richards for the only goal 74 minutes into the game.
In another quarterfinal match, Stoke City was a long ending to the semifinals since 1972 when they managed to beat West Ham United 2-1 at the Britannia Stadium.
In the semi-final later to face Stoke 3-2 Birmingham beat Bolton on Saturday.
City manager Roberto Mancini said his players looked tired just returned from Ukraine after losing 0-2 to Dynamo Kiev in the first round action of the Europa League third Thursday.
"Something that is impossible for us to come with a new action in this game. We just played in Kiev three days ago and fell again in the fight against reading this.
"It's so hard for players to perform actions 100 percent. All we are able to do 17 tests for the opposing goal than the three or four times she managed to read it.
"But the game is still difficult to play a good team and they played pretty well," said Mancini.
Hostilities between the City and United started to increase from Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi to take over the Eastlands club and start making a significant investment to get players out.
Asked about the meeting with United later, Mancini said. "It would certainly be an interesting match and I am pleased that we can play at Wembley but it was only a semi-final and we want to reach the final. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

'No interest UEFA critics'

Arsenal president Peter Hill-Wood explique que les Gunners recevrez ne pas lesprestations continuait si elle à la langue avec l'UEFA duel à la suite de Leur Ligue deschampions en échec après avoir perdu à Barcelone, récemment.

Arsène Wenger is a lance une attaque sur la la Ligue défaite après qu'il a décrit commeune défaite controversée.

Samir Nasri Arsenal a Ete et à une amende condamné par de l'UEFA decisiondifférend un après l'arbitre, Massimo Busacca est aux commandes d'un carton rougepour Robin van Persie dans le match au Camp Nou.

Malgré l'amende, Wenger continue de l'UEFA Critiquer lors d'une conference dePresse hier, le corps principal declare a football Europeen a Ete du Fier d'être aussi undictateur.

Hill-Wood Wenger demande maintenant à oublier l'incident qui est pas perçu apportéde bond si elle continue à lancer des critiques de l'UEFA.

"L'UEFA est une organization qui est tres difficile d'être à négocier Invites. ILSécouteront ne pas vous.

"Je pense que Arsène n'est pas satisfait de ce qui s'est passé dans le jeu. Jecomprends, mais juste oublier et laisser bond Passer. Il est aux attaques Egal continuessur la Ligue, dit-il.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

leak at Japanese nuclear plant

Japan Meteorological Services Department has warned that the winds at a plant in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear leaks of radioactive material, which blow from the south and can affect the health of residents in the northern part of the country. Meteorological Services Agency that state, wind direction can change in the near future and would blow from the west towards the sea
"The wind direction is the main factor that will determine the extent of environmental damage caused by leaks that occur after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami 10 meters yesterday," said an official of the agency.
Officers said the weather is sunny all day, while winds blowing from the west before heading south.
"We continue to monitor wind direction to make a new assessment of the impact of the leak from the factory," he said.
Although leakage of radiation that had been expected, a professor at Tokyo University, said Naoto Sekimura large radioactive catastrophe can not occur. "Events such as Chernobyl is impossible in this light water reactor. The loss of cooling means the heat will increase, but also stop the plant.
"In fact, in the worst scenario: a radioactive leak damaged equipment, but not a big explosion. If the distribution is done through careful monitoring, leak a little and not more than three km range," he said.
Kyodo News agency reported the authorities began to move 20,000 residents of the area around the plant Daini.
The Prime Minister, Naoto Kan that investigates air crashes before the helicopter was ordered residents within 10 miles of another plant, Daiichi leave the area.
Chief Cabinet Secretary said Yukio Edano may be a small amount of radiation leakage.
"Maybe the leak of radioactive materials outside the reactor plant, but the amount is small and the wind blowing toward the sea to help," he told a press conference

Mourinho commercial nature Ronaldo

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho hopes Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo to play in big games against Lyon in the rival groups last 16 Champions League on Wednesday, despite a thigh injury recently. "I'm very confident he will play, but I do not like when players are not 100 percent," Mourinho said in a press conference yesterday.
"If Cristiano should play tomorrow, he will not play because he was not in great shape, but I'm sure he will play later Wednesday after practice Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday."
Ronaldo, 26, was forced to leave the pitch in the 76th minute when Real against Malaga on March 3 after injuring his left thigh muscle.
Mourinho has decided to exclude strikers when rivals Hercules face Real in La Liga this week in the hope that the attackers had fully recovered and fit for the match later Wednesday with a ticket to the quarterfinals in Paris.
Lyon managed to 1-1 tie at Real Stade Gerland last week, means that both teams have equal chances in the second round at the Santiago Bernabeu. Real are also nine-time champions could not reach the last group of 16 teams in six seasons ago, and Lyon 2-1 Real rid of this stage of the competition last year.

Friday, March 11, 2011

earthquake at japan..

this video about earthquake that attack japan today..

this more video about that earthquake in japan

Dzeko determination shadowed Shevchenko record

Edin Dzeko gave assurances he would not like his idol, Andriy Shevchenko who fail to excel in both Premier League rivals.
In Europa League early this morning, it was revealed the striker from Manchester City against Dynamo Kiev - the club who represented the former Chelsea star, Shevchenko.
At an earlier meeting, proud when AC Milan was given a jersey signed Shevchenko in Sarajevo, Bosnia Dzeko.
Bosnia players aged 24 was admitted, she grew up with the legends of Ukraine makes Seba-GAI his idol, but we hope to do better than Shevchenko with Chelsea from 2006 to 2009.
Shevchenko only managed to score nine goals in the Premier League with Chelsea, providing motivation to Dzeko to do more than that with the City.
"He (Shevchenko) remains the greatest player for me. He was my idol. I met in Milan while representing Wolfsburg and we switched jerseys.
"Indeed, it has faced hard times in England, but that's football. I am also facing the possibility of him.
"I hope that will succeed in playing in England," said Dzeko.
Until now, the new Dzeko scored when he met and Aris Salonika Notts County but City manager Roberto Mancini remains confident of buying in January would be worth it.
"Dzeko one of the best strikers in Europe. It is hard to start with a new team and new league in mid-season.
"But I'm glad he could become one of the best strikers in England in the coming months," said Mancini

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Messi dreams destroyed Arsenal

Lionel Messi returns to haunt Arsenal again for the second consecutive season in the same level of competition in the European Champions League when he blew up the world's best player two goals lift Barcelona to qualify for the quarterfinals, early yesterday morning. tense meeting in the second round match at Camp Nou last 16 of the complete domination of the Liga club was marked by controversy on the field throwing incident Arsenal striker Robin van Persie 11 minutes into the second round match.
"We played a great match against the 11 and 10 players," said Barca coach Pep Guardiola told reporters. "We do not allow them to three consecutive feeds."
The network itself Sergio Busquets 1-1 equalizer, a decision that would allow visitors to move, but the explosion of beautiful Xavi and Messi penalty gave champions win 3-1 and 4-3 victory in 2009 that the overall put in the final round of eight for the second consecutive season.
Arsenal is furious against the referee's throw from the incident field, has not made any attempt toward the goal throughout the match, while Barca record 19. Preceded by La Liga had 70 percent control of the ball in the Nou Camp stadium is noisy and crowded and full compared to 199 738 Delivery is Arsenal.
Arsenal chase footballs from the beginning and they gasped when they are forced to replace goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny with Manuel Almunia in the 19th minute after Poland has played a role in the case of some Daniel Alves foot sprained finger free. The Argentine striker, who scored four goals in a 4-1 win against Arsenal at the Camp Nou in the quarterfinals last season, put Barca in front. merembat Xavi at close range on 69 minutes, Messi won the second goal in the 71st minute following a rough tackle on Pedro Laurent Koscielny. 

Carroll Liverpool's secret weapon

New Liverpool star Andy Carroll will be revealed at the meeting against Braga in the third round of the Europa League in the AXA Stadium early tomorrow morning.

Previously, Carroll had played in the late second half when the team Liverpool beat rivals Manchester United 3-1 in Premier League at Anfield on Sunday.

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has not made a decision to reduce or otherwiseCarroll at the meeting against the Portuguese club.

However, people thought that the game will be the first action was to make England'sstarting line derived in the Reds team this season.

Before that, Dalglish has issued a statement that he would not take chances with Carrolldown to the player to fully recover from his injuries.

For the record, Carroll was forced to set aside because he was with Newcastle Uniteddue to a calf injury suffered in November last year.

Carroll bought from Newcastle with a transfer fee of £ 35 million (RM171.863 dollars) inJanuary.