Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mission survival Liverpool

Liverpool face the daunting task ahead of a meeting against the club in Portugal, Braga in the second action cycle Europa League third morning Anfield tomorrow morning.
This is because the operations team Kenny Dalglish had no choice but hailed as a victory by a large number of networks to ensure progression to the quarterfinals.
Last week, the team was shocked when the Reds lost 0-1 to Braga in the first labor action at AXA Stadium.
If the Premier League, Liverpool hopes a touch of Luiz Suarez led their attack machine, but the services of striker from Uruguay was forced to set aside at a meeting later against Braga.
Under the settlement, Suarez can not play because he was just bought by Liverpool in last January as the Europa League has already begun.
Dalglish and put in a dilemma as he must find a new formula in efforts to penetrate the immune Braga.
"We prefer that Suarez is playing in the Europa League.
"But at the same time, we also want to keep for long periods of time than just play for three months.
"We're happy as long as Suarez has played with us and we just have to wait alone," said Dalglish.
Not involved Suarez, Dalglish is expected to Dutch striker Dirk Kuyt for harvesting machines by e-mail to demolish the attack of Liverpool goalkeeper Braga

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