Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar no surprise

FILM The King's Speech control of four major awards at the Academy Awards this time.
Palpitations and warmth of a question mark to play in a Hollywood film buff thoughts on the looming fight for Oscar at the Academy Awards-83 has already been answered yesterday.
Either not satisfied or happy with the decision announced, victory was still owned by the employees-employees who have been judged excellent by professional judges.
Actually, the puzzle wins the contest for some categories have become common terms before. Most fans are getting attention in the film category, the best male and female actors.
First, the Academy Awards-83 that took place in Hollywood, California this time as the renewal of the injected elements enlivened by humor child of two hose that can be categorized as a new generation of Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway, and that is James Franco.
Meet the initial expectations, beautiful actress Natalie Portman was announced as best actress for her role through the results of the Black Swan film that tells the black side of a ballet dancer is really testing the ability of Portman.
However, the ability Portman, 30, to carve a sweet smile on her face is calm expression throughout the ongoing prestigious finally pays off, sementelah he was crowned Best Actress Golden Globe Awards to-68 and the British Film Academy Award (BAFTA) recently through the same film.
Not impossible if he is proud of himself when her acting career that has earned recognition at the Academy Awards this time as the Oscar is a gift that not only the most coveted by Hollywood filmmakers, but by the filmmakers in the world.
Double fortune. After 30 years as an actor and enslave themselves during pregnancy, the eldest, Natalie Portman was named as Best Actress.
"This is something extraordinary. Thank you to all my family that is active in the field of play opportunities.
"I also presented the awards given this evening to the other rival candidates. They are also still great and I am certainly impressed with you all," Portman said upon receiving the Oscar trophy presented by actor Jeff Bridges.
Another great actress Portman is competing with Annette Bening (via the film The Kids Are Alright), Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole), Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone) and Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine).
Portman faces the beaming when lifted up to the stage to actually win the trophy was donated by her excitement to be mothers as her last trimester, now eldest son love sharing the results with her boyfriend, Benjamin Millepied, who is a dancer.
Sharing the joy at the same level of course, British actor Colin Firth who was named as the Best Actor beat four rivals the great Javier Bardem (for film Biutiful), Jeff Bridges (True grit), Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and James Franco ( 127 Hours).
Firth action through the film The King's speech proved the most powerful times for Best Actor category.
"Thank you to all the production crew (the film The King's Speech) Jeoffrey, Helena, David Sydler and Tom Hooper for making this film a work of great. In the same time helped me a lot in giving the action acting effectively," he said before Academy Award audience to-83.
WIN great. Three publisher of The King's Speech, (from left), Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin Iain Canning and their excitement was evident by the success of the film won an Oscar for Best Film Award.
Firth has so far won two awards for her role as the father of Queen Elizabeth II, including the BAFTA and Golden Globe
More exciting, is also affected by trace Firth plays the film director Tom Hooper is announced as Best Director. Hooper's greatest rival is definitely coming out through the Fincher movie The Social Network that also has many fans.
Like a fortune that never break for the film The King's speech, he once again recorded a victory when selected as Best Film at this time.
The success of the past, the film The King's speech came as the Best Film at BAFTA awards, while the main actor, Firth who played the king of the stuttering problem was crowned as Best Actor.
After a successful seven gemilangnya monopoly on the BAFTA awards, held at the Royal Opera House, London, The King's Speech 'monopoly' Academy to-83 to dominate the four major awards, namely Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay.


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