Wednesday, March 2, 2011

United lose him against referee

Chelsea hero Frank Lampard came on a goal burst 2-1 win over Manchester United in Premier League action at Stamford Bridge yesterday.
Likewise, the midfielder scored the goal that the Blues squad was controversial when it was acquired through a penalty kick in minute 79.
The match referee, Martin Atkinson gave a penalty after United defender pillar, Chris Smalling dropping Yuri Zhirkov in the box.
Earlier, the Red Devils squad successfully opened the scoring through England striker Wayne Rooney in the 29th minute before Chelsea's defensive mainstay, David Luiz equalized (the 54th).
Chelsea's victory was also drawn to open the door for the top league clubs competed for the championship trophy hunt this season.
Likewise, United manager Alex Ferguson could not hide her disappointment with some of the judges' decision is not considered appropriate.
It includes the results of Atkinson gave a penalty to Chelsea and did not give red cards to tackle Luiz doing.
"We (United) failed to survive well when released the first goal for Chelsea. It really should not have happened but the referee awarded a penalty kick to them is a decision that should not be accepted.
"It has been three years in a row match referee to change the situation here (Stamford Bridge). It is indeed remarkable.
"Luiz has the roughness of the (Javier) Hernandez, and no such action is imposed on the player. Not only that, he also did the same thing over Rooney.
"If you talk about what changed the situation in the second round matches, it was due to referee's decision that should not have happened," said Ferguson.
Meanwhile, Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancelotti admitted the meeting against United was not an easy task for his followers.
"It was a tough game for us (Chelsea) as opposed to a great club like United, who exhibited very high quality in their playing styles.
"We are hard to reach their players but in the second round of the tournament, we played better because we put pressure on them and play more aggressively," said Ancelotti. 


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