Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anonymous attack malaysia goverment

 At least six sites of the Malaysian government have been implemented into the night after the anonymous internet vigilante group threatened to punish the authorities for censorship.
The sites that were targeted included <> online government portal, and Web pages of the Ministry information, emergency and fire service, land transportation www.bomba. public
Anonymous attack on the Malaysian government has warned that <> the online portal of 1930 GMT on Wednesday the country to give a lesson to censor Wikileaks whistleblower in an attack code-named "Operation Malaysia." <I / PTFWh.png?>
Malaysian police chief Ismail Omar said he did not believe in personal or financial data had been stolen so far.
But he told Reuters: "It 'too early to say what is the extent of the damage."
Newspapers have reported that the government sites, including the development council for the construction had already been attacked. The sites seem to work very early on Thursday.
It is unclear whether the attacks were launched by hackers or other anonymous.
Anonymous is a group of activists lobbying for global freedom of the Internet, which often try to close the sites of companies and other organizations to which they oppose.
Malaysia could be the ultimate goal of a cyber-war waged by militants, which has been high when they are temporarily paralyzed MasterCard and PayPal sites that cut the financial services to Wikileaks.
A series of attacks on multinational corporations and institutions, the Central Intelligence Agency in the International Monetary Fund, Citigroup, has raised the concern that the governments and the private sector may find it difficult to defend against hackers.
In a previous publication on, Anonymous said Malaysia's censorship of films and television programs and its blocking of file sharing sites amounted to a denial of human rights. 

Communication Commission of Malaysia and Malaysian Multimedia sector regulator last week banned the sites file sharing and ordered 10 Internet service providers such as Deutsche Telekom Malaysia and Maxis to block access.


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