Friday, June 10, 2011

heat burst surprise Kansas

Wichita, Kansas, residents are still recovering from a bizarre weather system thattemperatures spiked to 20 degrees in minutes in the early morning hours of Thursday.
KSN Channel 3 meteorologist JD Rudd explained the causes of soaring temperaturesat night often known as "the outbreak of the heat." First, the winds gusted up to 69 mphat about 11:00 Wednesday, when temperatures were still in the 80s. 00:22, temperatures are 85 ° in the region. Less than 20 minutes later, the temperature spikedto 102 degrees, and winds around 50 mph Suddenly continues.
By 3:00, the temperature dropped again and the wind stopped.
Heat bursts are rare, forecasters said the Wichita Eagle.
They are caused by storms "collapse" of the strong winds that hold them in place. Whenthe rain falls on a very dry air, the air begins to decline, and that the mass of airbecomes warmer falls. When the air hits the ground, it spreads rapidly, causing windgusts.
"... You have to have perfect conditions to get these things," National Weather Servicemeteorologist Chance Hayes told the newspaper.
Wichita area received almost no rainfall in May, if the conditions were certainly dry enough for a burst of heat occurs.

here a video about that heat burst

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