Friday, December 9, 2011

Didier Drogba warns Chelsea's senior players they will have to adapt by Andre Villas-Boas

The striker scored twice against Valencia in midweek to secure the place, west London in the last 16 Champions League and hope for a positive active form.

He told the London Evening Standard: "Mr. Villas-Boas are trying to build something strong, like the other managers have done before, he bought some new players and we should like application.
"I would say the older players who have been here for some time, we must adapt to each other, learn how to play together and win together.

"There are still a few things we need to improve.

"To win the Champions League, you must be a really strong team and be lucky as well but we have to create and make our own luck.

"If we keep going the way we did against Valencia, then why not it is good to be part of this new campaign.

"The match with Valencia only my second in the competition this year so it is a part of it, I like the competition."

Drogba had to fight Fernando Torres for a role before the season start and run the last goal of the Ivory Coast could see his numbers fell against league leaders Manchester City on Monday night.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Manchester City's Roberto Mancini sorry players and supporters after the Champions League exit

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has apologized for the players and supporters of the club after his team crashed out of the Champions League.

City beat Bayern Munich 2-0 at Eastlands on Wednesday night, but it was not enough as a victory against Villarreal Napoli has seen them through the expense of men Mancini.

He told Sky Sports: "We need to improve as a team of our group is difficult to Naples to get through ...

"We're a good team is always a great team. I am very sorry for our supporters and I am sorry for his players because the players like that should be played in Champions League .

"I would think that with 10 points [the amount of money the city is going through the team - always - 99% [time] This is a very strange group, the group difficult.

"We've made some mistakes but it can occur after Naples. [Place City lost to Napoli is difficult."

City must address to compete in the Europa League but the Italian coach believes his team has a chance of winning that trophy.

He continued: "We're going Europa League, it's a trophy, a title is important We are disappointed, but we want to do better next year.

"I think perhaps now we think the Europa League is not important but if we come in the final, we would think it very important.

"I think we're on top of the Premier League, but this season will be very difficult and we want to improve from last year, we want to improve in the Champions League."

The rivals Manchester United have been dumping the competition after their 2-1 defeat Basel, and Mancini admits he's not sure why England have struggled this season.

"It's strange to go out and States. It's strange," he added.

47-year-also further clarify the situation regarding wantaway striker Carlos Tevez.

He insisted the club did not want to sanction a loan move, like a permanent move, despite reported interest from AC Milan.

"I do not know that the situation at this time but we want to sell Tevez, certainly," he said.

"It's hard for us borrow him for this reason nothing is certainly the only sure thing is that we will not let Tevez go borrow."

Sir Alex Ferguson đổ lỗi cho vẽ 'ngu ngốc' ở nhà để Basel thoát khỏi cú sốc Champions League của Manchester United

Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson was left disappointed and shocked to see his side dumped out of the Champions League in a 2-1 defeat to Basel.


Swiss side's victory means that the Reds finished third in group C and drop into the Europa League, the first time they did not make it out of the Champions League group stage in six seasons.

Defeat The States can see, the finals in two of three years, leaving competitors, and the manager insisted on at the time of Basel as they can look back and regret in the group.

States have been declining in the game, led 2-0 but allowed the Swiss to come back and make a sensational 3-3 draw themselves at Old Trafford.

"I think the results in Basel is one where it went wrong," Sir Alex told reporters after the match.

"It's one of those places where we hold our hands and say stupid. We threw it away that night - that's reckless. It could have been 2-0 and 5-0, so we've only got yourself to blame in that aspect.

"Of course it is disappointing to go out, our record in recent years has been excellent and it is a loss for us to go out because this is the best league in the world - that is a great tournament. "

Sir Alex highlighted a disappointing start, including a ninth-minute opener of Marco Streller, as an important factor in the defeat of his team on the night.

"It's not a good start to the game, I was surprised," he said during a press conference after his match.

"I hope we try and get control of the game immediately through ownership but they have scored with what was actually their first attack, a cross into the box back and then they were 1-0 up. "

Many people, including owners States, is expected to Premier League champions to step up their performance and earn points that they themselves needed to qualify but they failed to take the chance of them.

Then, an Alexander Frei goal condemned them to defeat despite the last consolation of Phil Jones and the Scot admitted his side go a goal behind is something he is not satisfied with.

"When you are 1-0 down away from home, it gives you a serious work to do," said Sir Alex.

"The opportunity we had we were not involved and is really the story of the game."

As a result is excluded, the drop in the Europa League States and the Red Devils boss admits it is something he will need to prepare his squad by fixed schedule it causes.

"Europa League is a competition I have never been with United," he said.

"It means something that we play Thursday and Sunday through the season, so it must be treated.

"Not the best news but that's our punishment is not eligible for tonight."