Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eden Hazard give warning on his debut

Eden Hazard has spent the entire season before waving her eyelashes in the elite clubs of Europe, he carefully decided he wanted to share my class for the 2012-13 season starting.

At one point he claimed Tottenham favorites to sign, but most of the game think it will be Manchester United, Manchester City, who will ensure that their signatures.

As the story rumbles constantly, finally, calling Chelsea proved to be too good to resist, the decision was strongly influenced by the brilliant victory on the side of Roberto Di Matteo over Bayern Munich Champions League.

May 29, 21 years wrote on Twitter: "guys good afternoon, I made up my mind later.". And then continue to wait several hours before announcing the name of the employer's future.

"I registered for the Champions League winner," tweet later in the evening. And with that, once the song most exasperating in recent history is finally over.

Two months later the line and feel Lille before finally his first appearance for his new club, and for those who play with an opportunity last year to see if all the hype surrounding mobile transfer his right.

Belgian international did not disappoint with a performance made headlines hack saw his debut as Chelsea ease to a 4-2 victory the Seattle Sounders in the opening game of the Challenge League Soccer preseason World .

There is an element of chance to end this danger, that his right foot shot deflected jhon Sounders defender Hurtado and desperate dive of goalkeeper Brian Meredith of them, but we can not be said of the previous game target.

After closing on a jukebox as debutant Marko Marin, a dangerous explosion showed impressive speed of the left wing Zach Scott made his mark in the form, before drifting into the area, cut on its right side, and pulled into the bottom of the net.

There is more than a first target risks against Seattle so. Increase your speed and excellent ball control sometimes spectacular as that can not afford to go against such a talent, too often, and after the show yesterday can be said enough thanks for that.

Well, it's only a friendly game of preseason, and the standard of the opposition is not the highest capacity, but it is nevertheless an encouraging start, and there are certainly signs that the threat could be a star of this morning, Prime Minister of the season, a sentiment shared by the manager of the players after the game.

"It can have a huge impact in the Premier League next season. He has great qualities and you can see that every day in training," said Di Matteo after comfortably winning side.

"It is better to Eden Marko and scored his first game for the club and it's good to see they have a good understanding of new teammates."

Hazard spent his first cut of the left flank, but his level with the foot or to make him a professional regularly play both wings or in a central position behind a main striker.

Chelsea fans hope that the player is stable, fast and, in the context of the brilliance that is also a controversial suggestion about age 21.

After being substituted in the 60th minute of an international friendly against Turkey in June last year broke into the safe locker room, and then go eat a hamburger at a stand outside the stadium, when in the game is still being inside.

Chelsea entire hierarchy will be praying he does not repeat like a blow at Stamford Bridge.

Burgers and tweets aside, the future looks bright for the danger, and if the first performance of her today is anything to go by, then the Premier League defenses will not be stimulated by the prospect facing young captivated.

They were warned.

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