Tuesday, July 10, 2012

History Of Park Ji Sung at Manchester United

So, before starting a new chapter, it is time to think before. Park as a player has entered uncharted territory for the footballers of his continent with great success, becoming the first Asian to win the first game in the Premier League UEFA Champions League. Time member of the Red Devils were decorated not only innovative, but also opens new doors for many football talents from Asia to the west, and that's good news.

Park at Old Trafford in June 2005 seems, shortly after helping PSV won the Eredivisie championship and reach the Champions League semi-finals under Guus Hiddink. Just three years earlier, according to Hiddink, the park has played a role in the execution Korea to the semifinals of World Cup in 2002, many to be the catalyst for the modern player interest in European real the Asian stone.

Before coming to Park in Britain, Korea had not played in the Premier League, while it was only by a few Asian top flight, such as China Sun Jihai, Japan Junichi Inamoto and soon Karim Bagheri of Iran, but without much success. Suwon-midfielder will soon change, with an unprecedented impact in the head of a club who would win three consecutive titles from 2007 to 2009 and lifting the European crown in 2008.

Park or fitness center, which saw called "Park" three lungs, and the work ethic and his movement, endeared him as a hero-worship of United fans and Sir Alex Ferguson , which quickly made him often. He broke through the States for his first goal in the fifth round of the League Cup - States will eventually increase - with a luxurious finish in a 3-1 win over Birmingham City in December 2005. At the end of the campaign, he would become the first Korean to net in the Premier League (formerly a goal against Fulham taken out of it by the Group's objectives are not clear), with attacks against rivals Arsenal.

Korea 2006-07 season was shortened due to a knee injury, but he still plays the game enough to claim a medal as the Reds lift the trophy. Inamoto of Japan were present at Arsenal win their 2001-02, but was not an aspect of the league, which means it can not claim a medal, if the park became the first official Asian First League win.

Park Premier League victory is only the beginning, and soon after recovering from injury Korea enjoy an influential role in the Reds in March for the honor, particularly impressed by the performance of energy in the period 2007-08 Champions League knockout against Roma and Barcelona - Monday, where he ran 12 km in the game

States will eventually leave the European title, but Ferguson guava leaves the park from 18 Squadron man for their final decision that the Scot is one of the most difficult of his career. However, its role before the decision, the park became the first player to win the Asian continent's top clubs competition in Europe.

"He has a knowledge of the discipline, intelligence and football, you need the biggest games ... there are some players you can count on to keep a cool head and the park is one of them"

- Sir Alex Ferguson

The following season, after scoring the first game in the second leg Champions important semifinal with Arsenal award, Park became the first Asian to play in the elite European final. However, this time ended in failure, with Barcelona 2-0 triumph. For part of the race last Park United, he also became the first Asian ever played in three Champions League semi-finals (2005, 2007 and 2008).

Park will get a second shot at the first Asian to play in a team that won the Champions Barca face a decision again in 2010-11, but again ended in failure. It is comforting to South Korea, who have shown their true value in the big game with a very important victory for Arsenal and critical support against Chelsea, the Reds won the league this term.

The 2011-12 campaign will ultimately be the final at Old Trafford Park when they finished runners in the league, but it will reach the 200 steps of games for the Reds, has signed a new record of U.S. Shinji Kagawa of Japan would do well imitate. Add to that four league titles, three League Cup, Club World Cup and Champions League, and it is fair to say the park has set the bar for Asian football players at the elite level.

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