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Zlatan Ibrahimovic leaves Serie A as a legend

When Zlatan Ibrahimovic leaves Inter for Barcelona in the summer of 2009, it feels like that time in a Hollywood movie where the romance is cut short, both parties go their separate way, and the director trying to make you believe that fairytale ending victory t "occur. But this time, it is true. Swedes love the Serie A is too good.

Ibrahimovic moved to Paris Saint-Germain, not only leave AC Milan with a dramatic gap in the line before them, but he also put Italian football, one of the great characters of its real symbolic value, especially the most successful players in history. He left without end, it probably deserves, to end a season without first Scudetto in his seven years in the peninsula, but this should not overshadow what was in real time the great Bel Paese.
After coming with a great reputation is built around the spectacular moment of Ajax and Malmö, Zlatan has become a more complete striker of his time in Italy. It does not matter to him who he was with his heart still. In his first season with Juventus, he was paired with Alessandro Del Piero, David Trezeguet and Marcelo Zalayeta in different stages, but he does business.

After 16 goals in his first campaign, he said only 10 in 2005-06, including three in the Champions League. These statistics are not too important, however, that Juve has accumulated 91 points to win a Scudetto with Ibra again a regular feature. But he just started.

At Inter, he has become a talisman true. Season three brought another Scudetto three, and scored 57 goals in this process. Returning from injury on the last day 2007-08 was the culmination of his struggle with the Nerazzurri in Parma, and the title in the hands of Rome, he played for a tournament to win the double. He continued to revel in the no-nonsense approach attracted by Jose Mourinho during his last term in blue and black, picking up his first title of capocannoniere backheel a great effort in the first round 38 Atalanta, the objective of 25 season.

It is by far his efforts only spectacular but, as he became known for his sensational goal. He scored by flipping the ball with the outside of his boot with his foot on his marker to move against Adriano Bologna. Then he will net for Milan to Lecce back half toward the goal, volley past the goalkeeper from 40 yards with his left foot lower.

It's not a moment of pure happiness, they are shining examples. A mountain man 1.95m, 95 kg should not be able to provide all the wonderful touches cleverly projected from a mercurial number 10, but can Zlatan. He hit the bells too, with Fiorentina is on the wrong end of Ibra bullets more than once. He has proven over time that he has a bit of everything.

This backheel against Atalanta was his last act before moving to Barcelona in a transfer of € 69.5 million, and although it was widely considered a proper final, obviously not real with Calcio. He returned a year later, became one of the groups selected to play all three of the giants of Italian football club. He will also visit the most rare ... someone managed to all three.
Milan went seven years without Serie A title before Ibra shook and the guide 18 of the crown of their two seasons back. He pulls them to victory in crucial moments, scoring 14 goals in 14 different games, with his strike and draw a single goal victory alone represented a swing of 11 points of the Rossoneri supporters. It includes an early winner from the penalty spot in front of the Curva Nord in his first Milan derby in red and black. It has always been to be decided by Zlatan.

Last season, his list twice, but 28 goals in a losing campaign. Massimiliano Allegri patched up side can not stop at the end of the mighty Juve, Ibra and efforts were in vain. His double against Roma in March was temporarily sent Milan seven points ahead, but then it will add six of the last nine games, there is a group, then a man. It will not win ninth straight title in the country, and there will be six Scudetto victory, not seven, but it was not for lack of trying.

The title of the Rossoneri hope ended in a 4-2 defeat against Inter, Ibrahimovic mesh with their two goals. It is still a great player's last game. It can also be moved because the thirst of his career lasted for Assigned Champions glory unfulfilled at this point, but that does not mean he never provided blow when it was said mattered.

In a country where many people claim that winning the title in the country always comes first, Zlatan did with supreme regularity. In seven seasons, he is a man you can count on to have great voices in the Scudetto race, then in a world continuously evolves at the top of the Italian game. And that has made him a legend of Calcio.

Like Maradona, he had a camera follow him around on his seven years in the peninsula, and as "El Diego", he called to the attention of every single second of their two than time. It can not have that great genius imperfect Argentina, it may not be as smart, and he could get lucky, but it was equally affect a generation of fans Calcio. If you sit down to compile an all-time Serie XI, he will go into serious consideration at least.

While Maradona will never be replaced in the hearts of the Neapolitans, he is in the minds of fans of Milan, Inter and Juventus, Ibrahimovic is better known. He made enemies everywhere, but he made the goals and the titles of the first and most important. It was his record is one win away saw both, and is the driving force that led him away from Calcio for the last time.

So, ciao e Grazie, Zlatan. Whatever is said about you, and whoever said that no one can pretend that you have not made your mark on Italian football.

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