Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AC Milan in the future the team first coach Inzaghi

AC Milan Filippo Inzaghi has spent as head coach in their future, and the appointment may be made ​​within three years, inclusive.

Former Italy striker has decided to end his playing career at the end of last season after a period of 11 years at the San Siro, but he chose to stay after accepting an offer to become a youth coach at club.

Inzaghi has also been some proposals in the field continued in other places, but he declined the offer of Watford and even on the basis of promises that it will be an employee does not play the role of Milan.

Inzaghi believes that the Rossoneri could have an impact similar to that Antonio Conte, head of the Juventus Serie A title in his first season, mainly because of his dedication to his shirt and ambition to succeed as a coach party.

Inzaghi will start his coaching career with the Allievi Nazionali, under-17 team in Milan, to let him use his new role, and it can not make a team for next three years if all goes as expected.

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