Friday, January 18, 2013

Kaka could return to AC Milan will not impress fans

Curva Sud faithful have been singing since the doors opened at 18 am, nearly three hours before the match, and almost did not stop until long after the AC Milan players disappeared into the tunnel San Siro after the 1-0 win against Fiorentina. It was January 17, 2009.

Fast forward just four years and the events of five emotional month, which is thrown back in front thanks to the enlightened mind is made through official television Milan as the club was in talks with Real Madrid on the back of Brazil.

Welcome to Via Turati windows to the crowd waiting for the news that Kaka will not leave Manchester City for a world record sum of € 120 million, while the price of final output near a half when Real Madrid had known this summer. Since then, with high detail in the players and the club he left behind, with a title here and there, but few can request the transfer was successful.

If there are winners in the case of 65 m €, of course it is Rossoneri. Then, 27 years old, young enough to order a transfer value than all the young Zinedine Zidane before him, and the first team to regenerate Kaka, they had every reason to sell. The feeling that leads to Manchester, but Madrid is a very different perspective, and his head was moved almost to the decision not to do. He was on his way.

And three-a-half years, the decision to separate Diavolo their beloved number 22 appeared more warranty. Exercise form and left Brazil in different time intervals on your Blancos, and frantically tried revolution Florentino Perez and Jose Mourinho have mostly taken place without his presence on the field.

It is almost a script that mimics the one who saw Andriy Shevchenko left Milan for a large sum, is to be welcomed and prove that the time had come to a split in the first place. Bring Sheva is a movement nostalgic, romantic, and decided Madrid feels the approach of the same thing.

Rossonero Gianfranco Barbato The Offside - AC Milan said: "I used to keep a continuous line on the subject of getting back with his ex-girlfriend and I can not think that the combination of Kaka in Milan the same umbrella. "

"In theory, these meetings often built on memories, and we hope that the new time together will be well in Milan and Kaka does not mean wonderful memories, 2007 is a masterpiece club for him and I'm sure many people look back times languid hope for the same results.

"The fact is that since Kaka leave, he had a player down was never found his feet in Spain or delivered on a huge transfer fee and salary as well as Milan need a veteran, it is not in the attack, and money. been better spent to defend.

"Kaka is not the answer, thank you for the memories, but leave them there."

And that there is an important point. Money is scarce in Via Turati, headaches and all around the yard. A club has been appreciated recently to focus on young talent is in danger of falling into the errors of the past research in the short term, big money solutions. Kaka said he will be a reduction in pay to move, but he still wants to do a lot more modern than many experts. In addition, Madrid is still open hoping to get some sort of fee for his release, which may be temporary or permanent. When the limited funds of Milan is the best for when they have to struggle a lot in the back and in the center of midfield, the term?

Now 30, his step when Kaka Kaka Milanisti for their clubs do not let him go. If Milan, it seems, has missed three this season, then the next time they have a hope in the Champions League in 2014, when the attacker is 32 and a half. He has a difficult task on his hands to prove themselves worthy of the money, worth the hype, and worthy of the change in focus away from the talent.

It is a reminder of a glorious past, and the majority of fans in Milan can not afford the inevitable scenario Adriano Galliani and Berlusconi Kaka return signals a major coup.

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