Friday, January 18, 2013

Myth stability Liverpool defense under threat

Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger could probably lucky that Liverpool is a club lurching regular disaster to come.

Whether the criticism of the failure to sign Clint Dempsey, is not likely to change high wages or losers endless flirting with controversy Luis Suarez - there is always something great to Anfield .

For this reason, the fact that the Reds defense has been bad this season has been reduced somewhat under the radar. And the two men should have a great responsibility midfield pair of clubs, seemed to avoid the blame for such a low efficiency.
martin skrtel liverpool

Sunday in the ground as hard to get in the Premier League, admits some doubt in the back is to blame for the concession of two goals, the event was the decision to travel lost 2-1. See Agger opened not smart enough on his heels as Robin van Persie dynamic pinched front to score goals, while the latter is facilitated by the strange decision to Skrtel in the wall for a free kick which was clearly designed to be placed in the box.

Problems such as comparison unwise backpass Slovakia during the first game of the season Liverpool at Anfield, which saves Carlos Tevez a championship point was hardly worth it. In the rustic house soon and teething problems expected when the bed is a new prey after a 2-2 draw in August, but in January, they are still common practice.
Daniel Agger Liverpool 2013

Worryingly, the Merseyside club have conceded seven goals over 21, they have been disclosed to the last point of the Premier League this season, despite Kenny Dalglish separate company on the basis of trying to improve. Eight clean sheets have accumulated so far is just the possibility that they are last year's count of 12, although designed to avoid stagnation statistics show.

In a number of issues with the defense personnel should be asked, and it seems that the pursuit of ephemeral, but not the success of Vegard Forren suggests they have. In fact, the idea of ​​selling one of Skrtel Agger or is playing with several times in the summer, with Manchester City are interested in a surprise attack to return one of two centers at different stages of the window.

The idea that Swansea defender Ashley Williams has been targeted as a potential replacement was derided at the time by Liverpool fans believe that 28 years would be a step down. However, after seeing the Wales captain made an impressive partnership with Chico Flores - who admitted four goals Skrtel and Agger far less will surely stimulate reflection on this matter.

Of course, the chances of bagging January defender thin because of his impressive performance increasingly under the direction of Michael Laudrup. This means that Rodgers can not be forced to watch one of the choices he has forgotten in an accident defensive season: Sebastian Coates.

The Uruguay international has made three Premier League until term, a total of 138 minutes of action flight. A short drive from the Merseyside derby at Goodison Park, behind the center was included in half the time to assist the parties to come back and regain stability.

The-22-years is an impressive presence in 45 minutes, helping Liverpool keep a clean sheet in the second half and saw support for the chalk victory after his compatriot Luis Suarez has been found evil was offside.

With this in mind, excluded from the first team since the downright bizarre. Age is not an obstacle to play for Liverpool, selection often inexperienced team approval Rodgers, but Coates are linked with a loan move away from the club abuse an already thin squad.

And when two men alleged to be at the peak of his powers before striking, Coates may wonder what he was doing.

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