Saturday, March 10, 2012

Evans says Manchester United's clash with City residents will be the biggest clash ever between the two clubs

His party met at Etihad Stadium on April 30 in a decision possible title of the city sits on top of the Premier League table just two points before the Red Devils.

While both parties are facing a difficult few months, including a lot accessory to the Europa League commitments, Evans is aware of the importance of a game can have on the race.

When asked if he thought the biggest derby, Evans told reporters: "I think so, definitely would be a great atmosphere, and that comes to mind in that game will be preferred. As they will go and win the title .

"It will be a decision point, but I'm sure will be the reduction of both teams on the road. However, clearly, no one take the lead in the game that will have a great chance to win the victory."

In the opposite party back in October, the city recorded the famous 6-1 victory over the men of Sir Alex Ferguson, a failure that Evans admitted he was still in pain.

He continued: "I do not think it's just a case of losing that game, I think that is how we have lost is very difficult to achieve.

"The team lost the game. We have lost games in the past of the city, and obviously this season were in the title of our celebration. But I think that just because this is the first time in a long time, while the team Manchester have been going for the title, it will be great to come out on top.

"I will always be a stain on the history of this club, because in this way. But there's more for us, beating Manchester City win the league, instead of his defeat 6-1 in a game.

"I have been away from the match 6-1. It is clear that there are many jokes around a lot of fans and the city of the furniture."

States have done well to keep pace with Roberto Mancini's team this season as the team dominated the rich blue face mounted his way ot the charts, scoring 69 goals in 27 games.

However, Evans believes the Premier League champions can use their position to their advantage to help promote them and catch their city rivals.

"You go out with the determination of perhaps a little more when you are carrying out, we know you can not afford to fall any further behind," he added.

"When you're in the driver's seat and two-point lead, you may think that you can drop a point here or there, but when you're behind, you can not afford to make mistakes. We've been through this."

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